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White Plains Separation Agreement Attorneys

Severance agreement that are properly drafted by an employment law attorney can both provide for the needs of discharged employees and protect employers from litigation related to termination of employment. Although severance agreements can benefit both employees and employers, they are often not given the care they need to fully implement protection for both parties. Human resource managers or attorneys without the requisite experience to understand the intricacies and legal requirements of severance agreements likely will not draft agreements that convey the benefits both parties intend.

Orange County Severance Pay Lawyers

At Frumkin & Hunter LLP, we have the extensive employment law background and in-depth understanding of severance agreements needed to craft effective end-of-employment agreements. Our vast understanding of employment law, especially as it relates to employment benefits both during employment and at the time of severance, allows us to efficiently draft and review severance agreements for individuals and business of all sizes throughout the New York area.

What Issues Does A Typical Separation Agreement Address?

Although every severance agreement and termination benefits package is unique to the goals and intent of the employee and employer involved, there are certain provisions that are commonplace to almost every agreement of this nature. A skillfully drafted severance agreement should include clauses related to:

  • Terms of separation: This establishes the rights and obligations of each party upon separation, and may include non-compete clauses and prohibitions on disclosing trade secrets.
  • Severance pay: These clauses often take into account unused sick time, vacation days and personal time off (PTO). Many times, they will also grant a payout based on the pay an employee would earn over a set period of time. Severance pay can come in the form of lump sum or installment payments.
  • Insurance: In some instances, the employer may choose to offer continued insurance coverage for a specified period of time. Either the employee or the employer may be responsible for the cost of continued coverage, and the agreement should specify who bears this responsibility.
  • Placement services: Employers may elect to offer resources, such as job counseling, to help the employee find other employment.

A severance agreement is a legally binding document. If your employer has presented you with one of these agreements, do not sign it without first having us review its terms. This ensures that your interests are protected, and that you are not needlessly signing a one-sided contract.

Featured Case: Kosakow v. New Rochelle Radiology Associates, PC, 274 F. 3d 706 (2d Cir. 2001)

An employer failed to pay severance benefits (protected by ERISA) to an employee after it terminated her position while she was on family medical leave. William Frumkin took the employee's case all the way to federal appellate court, and was successful in reversing an unfavorable lower court decision and obtaining benefits for the employee.

Contact A Trusted Severance Agreement Firm In New York

To arrange an initial consultation with our White Plains separation agreement attorneys, contact us online or by calling 914-468-6096. With offices in White Plains, Goshen and New York City, we are equipped to serve the employee benefits law needs of clients throughout the state of New York.

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