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White Plains Employment Agreement Attorneys

Well-drafted employment contracts allow both employees and employers in New York to protect their interests, and to clearly define the obligations and expectations related to the employment. Whether you are starting a new job or hiring a new employee, it is imperative to have an experienced employment law attorney review the contract before signing. This ensures that you do not sign anything that is not an accurate depiction of the agreement you made with the other party.

Frumkin & Hunter Law PC offers full-service employment agreement representation to employees and employers in the New York area. Our decades of experience and our commitment to providing excellent legal services make us the trusted advisor you need when you are considering signing an employment agreement.

Our Services | Drafting And Reviewing Employment Documents

Many times, an employee will come to us for assistance when they are negotiating and drafting an employment agreement with their new employer. In these situations, the employee wants to be certain he or she is treated fairly, but also wants to avoid contentious negotiations that could affect the relationship at his or her new job. We are able to give matters involving employment agreements the time and care necessary to ensure the agreement is fair while allowing our clients to avoid the uncomfortable situation of negotiating with their employer.

Some of our primary employment agreement-related services include:

  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Reviewing employment agreements
  • Creating and reviewing separation agreements
  • Drafting and assessing non-compete agreements
  • Creating employment manuals
  • Helping employers create employment policies and procedures

Whether these or other employment contract issues are involved in your situation, we provide you with the personal attention and responsive communication that you and your legal matter deserve.

Orange County Employment Contract Lawyers

Even though employment agreements are not required, they can nonetheless be helpful to both employees and employers. When drafted correctly, employment contracts can:

  • Define terms of compensation
  • Describe benefits
  • Specify the duration of employment
  • Define the responsibilities of both employees and employers
  • Include effective non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Set forth grounds for termination
  • Specify process for dispute resolution
  • Specify ownership of employee's work efforts
  • Protect interests in licensing, manufacturing and intellectual secrets

Contact An Accomplished Employment Contract Attorney

To arrange a consultation with our White Plains employment agreement lawyers, contact us online or by calling 914-468-6096. With offices in White Plains and Goshen, we are equipped to serve the employment law needs of clients throughout New York.

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