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White Plains Disability Discrimination Lawyers

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, it secured the rights of disabled persons and prevented them from being harassed or discriminated against in the workplace due to their disability.

Although this goal was noble, the complex nature of the act has made it difficult for employees and employers to understand exactly how it functions. As such, many employees do not know exactly what rights they have, and employers may be unaware of how to protect themselves from ADA claims.

Orange County ADA Attorneys

At Frumkin & Hunter LLP, we help employees and employers in New York sort through the confusion that developed upon inception of the ADA. Our lawyers provide our clients with the time and personal attention they need when the ADA is implicated in their case. We then use our more than 30 combined years of experience to offer legal solutions designed to reach a favorable conclusion in an efficient manner. At all times, we remain accessible to our clients and serve as the trusted advisors they need when dealing with difficult and often emotional disability discrimination claims.

Protecting Both Employees And Employers

Although the ADA was primarily passed into law to protect the interests of those who are disabled, it was not meant to become a heavy burden on employers. However, costly ADA claims can result when an employer fails to understand the ADA and its requirements or does not know how to adequately comply with a request for accommodation.

We are able to help employers create policies that comply with the ADA, and can prevent most or all disputes under the act. Should litigation occur, we are able to offer employers the same dedicated representation we provide to our clients who are employees.

Disability Access

While disability cases often involve employment discrimination, they can also arise based on other circumstances. Under the ADA, disabled persons are given the same right to access as those who are not disabled. For example, a store or public building must offer the same access to a disabled person as to a person without a disability, often through the use of a ramp or elevator.

Attorney William Frumkin is passionate about protecting the rights of those who are disabled. Whether advocating in court or helping to raise awareness about disability access and other issues, he serves as a strong voice for disabled clients.

Featured Case: Stone v. City of Mount Vernon, 118 F.3d 92 (2d Cir. 1997)

In this case, the City of Mount Vernon violated federal disability law by refusing to assign a paraplegic firefighter to a permanent light‑duty position as a reasonable accommodation of his disability.

Attorney William Frumkin helped in obtaining a reversal of an unfavorable lower-court decision and achieving a positive result through settlement for the firefighter.

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For a consultation with our White Plains disability discrimination attorneys, contact us online or by calling 914-468-6096. With offices in White Plains, Goshen and New York City, we are equipped to serve the employment law needs of clients throughout the state of New York.

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